Different Baby Cries

There are many different cries that newborns let out and different cries imply different things that the infant may want to communicate. While the sound of a baby crying may prove to just be signs of discomfort or hunger, it has been found that babies significantly make use of different types of cries in order to let others know of something they want to communicate.

The following five types of baby cries have been identified to convey different things:

  • The ‘neh’ sound that a baby lets out when crying is an indication of hunger. This happens because of the baby’s sucking reflexes, which causes the tongue to be pushed to the roof of the mouth.
  • The ‘owh’ sound is a reflex cry that a baby lets out when it is felling sleepy.
  • The ‘heh’ sound generally indicates that the baby is in discomfort. It may mean that the baby wants assistance quickly.
  • The ‘eair’ sound is let out as a deeper cry which originates from the abdominal region of the baby and it implies a lower amount of gas in the abdomen.
  • The ‘eh’ sound is let out by a baby when it feels full after feeding and needs to burp.

New mothers must always carefully listen to their babies and must learn to distinguish their cries in order to better attend to their needs.w


Five Healthy Foods for Your Baby

Choosing the right foods for babies is both crucial and difficult. It is crucial because their little tummies keep them from eating too much. It is also important because babies need the perfect combination of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants during their growth. Based on their nutrition content, I have picked five healthy foods for your baby.

  1. Avocado

With high level of Omega-3s, this fruit is perfect for your babies. You can choose to either serve it as small slices or add a little breast milk to make a mash.

  1. Beans

With high level of antioxidants, fiber, iron, vitamin B, and protein, this food will keep your baby from constipating.

  1. Blueberries

Blueberries contain antioxidants, fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C. These essential nutrients will keep your baby’s nervous system, urinary system, brain, eyes, and heart healthy.

  1. Coconut

Medium chain fatty acids inside coconut is one among few nutrients that will boost your baby’s immune system, balance his blood sugar, and improve digestion. The most important thing is the structure is similar to human breast milk, making it easy to digest.

  1. Chia seeds

Chia seeds are perfect combination of high antioxidants, calcium, Omega-3s, magnesium, fiber, potassium, iron, and protein. It is both natural and healthy for your baby.

Coughing. Biting. Is My Baby Teething?

Is your baby teething? No one can say, even doctors. Sometimes, it may just be a false alarm. At the other time, it may be for real. Know the signs and prepare to see the first smile of your baby.

  • Drooling

Many babies experience drooling when their first teeth are growing. Even though it may be quite ‘disgusting,’ it is still a good sign.

  • Biting

Does your baby often bite during the breastfeed? Well, it is not a mean move. Your baby just responds to the counter pressure on his pinky gums.

  • Irritability
  • Insomnia

Teething is exhausting and your baby is still too small to hold it. It is painful, as well. You may not realize it, but waking at the midnight is the best way for your baby to deal with the pain

  • Coughing

Do not worry. Your baby will not cough a lot. It is just a normal reaction for the excess saliva.

These five signs may mean your baby is having his first teeth. However, it is also possible one or more of these signals may also lead to something else. If you have any doubt about what exactly happens, you should call your doctor.

Things You Need to Bring in Your Diaper Bag

Do you want to make diapering another enjoyable experience of yours? Then, learn to know what you should bring in your diaper bag.

The Basics

  • 3 spare diapers
  • Diaper wipes
  • Bottle
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes and used diapers
  • 2 spare clothes
  • Necessary medication

Extra Stuffs

  • Pacifier and its holder
  • Baby coat
  • Burp cloth
  • Blanket
  • Bib
  • Facial tissues
  • Toys
  • Snacks

Note: you may need more or less stuff than things I have picked. It depends on your parenting style and your baby. It may take some time to know things you should bring, but do not worry. You will learn.

Smart Diapering Habits for You and Your Baby

She may be not your first baby, but still diapering her may turn to a messy experience. Learn these smart diapering habits to save your time and even your wardrobe.

Two spare diapers are perfect

Prevention is better than cure. You do not know when your baby will poop, but when he does, you already have ‘fresh’ stock ready.

Always restock!

Whenever you get home, restock the diapers. It may be simple, but it will help you in saving your time when your baby needs to poop.

Online order is always helpful

Online order can help you getting diapers while you are feeding your baby. No more traffic and fatigue. All you need is few clicks.

Trash bag

Do not litter, especially when it is your baby’s diaper. It can be smelly and you do not want someone else get the ‘disturbing’ smell. So, always bring at least one plastic bag with you to avoid throwing the diaper to someone else’s garbage.

New Baby, New Habits, New Life

These three incredible things will make you believe you have become true parents, once you passed them.

  1. Two hours to sleep every day

New baby means less time to sleep than before. It may be exhausting to wake up in the night to change the diaper, feed him, or soothe his cries, but as long as you do it with love, it will be a joyful experience.

  1. First diaper change

You read books, listen from other parents, and you believe you can do it. However, a question comes to your mind. Can I do it? With all the new baby stuffs and poops, you will never forget your baby’s first diaper change.

  1. You forget something important

Taking your baby with you means a lot of stuff to carry. You believe you have everything in your bag, but, wait a moment, is there something missing?

You become panic, but it is only for a minutes because the next minute, you adjust. That is how a supermom does it.

Five Solid Foods for Your Baby

Many parents fail to give their baby the right solid food just because they are very exciting to see her tiny mouth enjoying her first tastes of solid food. Here are some of my recommendations to give to our cute creature:

  1. Steamed carrot

Many children hate vegetables because their parents did not introduce them to these healthy foods when they were babies. Steamed carrot would become a nice ‘introduction.’ Steam the carrot few minutes longer than before to make it soft enough for her teeth and gum. Do not let it too soft because she needs to hold the food and eat it by herself.

  1. Steamed broccoli

Your baby is ready for her own adventure to find different smells, textures, and tastes of food. Broccoli will please your baby because it is easy to grip, delicious, and soft enough for their gum and teeth. However, do not gift it right away. You need to steam it until it is soft enough (like the carrot). There is one more thing. Get a cloth ready before your baby eats the broccoli because it will be messy after your child playing with it.

  1. Avocado

This fruit comes with the perfect softness, nutrient, smell, texture, and taste for your baby. Even with her tiny hands, your baby can grip this fruit easily. You just need to peel the skin and let your baby do the rest.

  1. Cucumber

Even though its outer skin is quite tough, cucumber will give another fun food experience to your baby. Its soft and moist inner content will give your baby a perfect taste she will not forget for her entire life, but before you serve this food to your lovely one, you need to cut it into big chips. Do not make it too big or small or her tiny hands will not be able to grip it. If you like, you can also form the chips to cute forms, such as stars, little animals, and many other things. It will become a great experience for your baby.

  1. Steamed asparagus

If you are looking for a food with great shape for your baby, then it should be asparagus. Its size, smell, and taste will give your baby an extra pleasure at the dinner table, as she will struggle to put it into her mouth. To make sure your baby gets the perfect taste of this vegetable, steam it for few minutes until it is soft enough for her to chomp.

How Wireless Baby Monitor Can Be Harmful for Your Baby

Today, when high-technology devices have become inseparable part of our life, many of us do not realize each of these devices has its own ‘hidden costs’. They may make our life better and easier than we can think, but we should never forget that many of these devices also bring chronic risks to our life, especially our health. Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation, for example, accounts for various health risks for people from different age groups, including your newborn baby. Even though our body has its own autoimmune system, we are still vulnerable to invisible wireless radiation. Can you imagine what harms these devices can bring to that fragile body of our baby?

We need special precautions to keep our babies healthy. You may have heard about minimizing cell phone use around your baby, which is a good advice to follow. However, have you heard about how baby monitor brings harm to your baby?

What is going on with baby monitors? Are not they safe? Well, for decades, we know about these devices and how we can use it to monitor our baby’s health status, but that is before this product comes with a wireless version. It means it contains the same EMF threat as other wireless devices, such as cell phone. Some experts even believe the threat it poses is even far beyond cell phones because most parents use wireless baby monitor for hours and place them near their babies.

If you want to know how disaster happens, this wireless baby monitor will show you.

Most wireless baby monitor manufacturers use DECT phone technology for their devices. Running at 1.89 GHz or 2.4 GHz, this technology use the same frequency as microwave ovens. Moreover, your baby monitors use 20 to 120 claimed channels. Your device uses these channels to switch during operation. These devices may not be as harmful as they are today, but since they also emit sharp pulsing burst of EMF radiation as frequent as 100 times per second during these switches do, we cannot expect them to be safe, especially for our babies.

When you place it 1 meter from your baby, this device possesses the same threat of EMF radiation from a base transceiver station (BTS) tower 150 meters away. Some of you may think about placing the device far enough from your baby, yet near enough to monitor her health status. Well, let us make it clear. There is still an imminent threat standing near your baby. Do not think you can eliminate the thread by using the talk back version because it is even more dangerous than the wireless baby monitors are.

We have no recommendation other than asking you to removing this device as fast as you can if you still love your baby (which I believe you do). If for any reason, you cannot do this, please use the wired or analog version, instead the wireless one. Even though these devices are not completely safe, at least you can eliminate the threat if you place the device at least 1 meter from your baby.


Every woman who gets pregnant for the first time in their life have one question in their head. “What do contractions feel like?” Some of us try to find answers for this question from people we know, including friends, families, even our own mother. Some women may tell that it is one of the best moment of their life. Other women think it is like their bad period cramp.

So, what does it truly feel like?

You may experience some kind of intense menstrual cramps during the first few weeks of your pregnancy. It is both painful and uncomfortable, but as long as you keep your healthy lifestyle, you will be able to manage it. Sometimes, you may also experience cramp-like dull ache around the bottom of your abdomen. As weeks passed, your pain will intensify. The old period cramps will leave and another sensation that resembles your internal organs as if they are tightening and squeezing will replace that pain.

It is truly a long path until you can see that cute face of your lovely little baby. There are pains you should bear, but luckily, there will be breaks, which you can use to rest and restore your energy. Use this time well by improving your diet and doing sports, but do not get it too often or you will only add more suffer than before to your pregnancy.

After this break, the pain will continue and it is likely you will lose control of your body when the excruciating pain comes. Most pregnant women feels there is a stabbing pain comes from their lower abdomen to their back. Even though you will also ‘get’ some breaks during these pains, they will be shorter than the first break you got previously. After that, it will become worse than ever. Some pregnant women even describe this moment as the only moment of their life when they think it is better for them to crawl from their body than to hold the pain.

Yes, that will happen during your pregnancy. However, once again, no pain lasts forever. This stage will only last until you give birth to your baby. Once you did it, you will forget every painful experience you had in the past. You will only remember how cute your little baby and how you love her.