Pregnancy, Childbirth and Sexuality

“Over and over again, I’ve seen that the best way to get a baby out is by getting it on with your old man. That loving, sexy vibe is what puts the baby in there, and it’s what gets it out too.” –Cora from Spiritual Midwifery

I find there is a great divide in our culture between sexuality, pregnancy and birth. Sex is so often fetishized, commodified and stripped of its connection to life. It’s all about pleasure, and it is, but sometimes it is also the start of a new being. There’s something to honor there, something about that for me. Don’t get me wrong, I totally honor non-procreative sex as well, its vast iterations, but what I wish to bridge is the connection sex and sexuality have to birth and the pregnant woman. Pregnancy and childbirth are very individualized experiences, so I acknowledge that this approach to birth may not resonate with all readers, but I do hope it expands your thinking on the role a woman’s sexuality plays in this moment of her life.
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