ENOUGH!! Mixed Messages from Female Leaders

I’m re-posting this from my original blog because I feel it’s that important…

I was watching a couple of 60 minutes articles the other day, one was of Twitter creator, Jack Dorsey. On one hand I was thinking – how forward thinking of Mr. Dorsey to not have an office making himself available. Also, how ironic, it took for him to create his company to understand the importance of communicating with his family – even if it’s only 140 characters. As a male leader he seem to have a firm grip on his business and personal direction.
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Becoming a Mom Changed Me

When our twins were born I vowed to be a better mother than the mothering I had received as a child. I made several resolutions I was going to make in my own life to become not only a great mother, but a more humanitarian person. I was going to breastfeed, co-sleep, use cloth diapers, have a chemical free home, only eat organic food, maybe even not eat meat and dairy, never speak a cross or frustrated word, play every game, always say yes, surround myself with enlightenment and positivity, let friends who aren’t invested in the well-being of our family fall by the wayside, be a sexy wife, make more time for my partner, be a better daughter….. 🙂 Well, Well, I say to myself 7.3 years later – how are those empirically thought decelerations to conquer your parenting/personal life working out? Hmmm……

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A Few Words from Our Community

Our readers are a wide range of people from partners trying to share advice, homeschooling questions, girlfriends chatting about what goes on during diaper changes to new Mommies looking for resources. When I became a new Mommy I continuously thought I was on my own. I didn’t know any other new Mommies of twins. As I got out of my social awkwardness and started to join play groups, expanding my circle of friends to other parents, I found often people all had situations they got a good laugh at, questions they needed help with, or advice they’d share. It makes me think of the game played during baby showers where people give advice to the new parents.

Not everyone has access to a group of Mommies to ask questions or listen to. So I thought I would reach out to some of my personal Mommy friends. Asking them, what piece of advice they’d give new parents; from sex to child-birth, from diaper changes to what IS that? Nothing was off-limits.
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New Sibling Jealousy

You’ve gotten the thrilling news you’re expecting, you have lots of time to prepare and as enthusiasm builds with the pending arrival of a new family member, you notice not everyone is quite as warmhearted.  You may rationalize that this will work itself out as time goes on. After the baby is born, your family will be one happy cohesive unit singing songs and joyfully skipping through life. However, be cautioned Mommies, it’s imperative to dial in to what your son or daughter is saying, or not saying, about the impending arrival of your bundle of joy.

It is common place in today’s fast paced society to not appreciate or honor feelings individuals have. Especially as women, or young girls, the message is often to just deal personally with those feelings and don’t act upon them – put them away in a small box as if they never existed.  This type of behavior doesn’t help with any child’s development, self-awareness or sense of personal accountability.  Understanding a need or feeling, addressing it and then permitting those emotions to help build self-esteem are a wonderful stepping stone in becoming a well-rounded young adult.
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