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Amie_ValentineDay_196Amie Salter, founder and CEO at Ooh Belly, is a certified Postpartum Doula, certified Birth Doula, and certified Newborn Specialist. Amie has over 7 years experience working with children and 4 years experience working with newborns and families. Amie has worked with over 45 different families, each with a variety of individual needs. She has worked with premature infants, infants suffering from reflux and colic, multiples and mothers with postpartum depression. Her extensive knowledge and skill has allowed her to teach at various organizations throughout Southern California. Amie’s passion in life is providing a safe and nurturing environment for little ones and their families. She absolutely loves children and holds herself to the highest standards of care when concerning infants. Amie Salter is the Re-certification Director for the Newborn Care Specialist Association. Amie Salter is also a Postpartum Doula trainer for Birth Arts International.

Email Amie: amie@oohbelly.com

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Zoë Etkin was born in Memphis, TN, to two visual artists/macrobiotic chef parents. She was brought up in a family who believed in natural home birth, baby-led weaning (she breastfeed till the age of 4!) and holistic wellness. Zoë is continually grateful for her diverse, artistic and nurturing upbringing and believes it is what has led her to becoming a doula. Her interests also lie in healthy meal preparation, natural approaches to women’s health and menstruation, and natural birth control methods. All of this culminates in becoming a doula, and, one day she hopes, a preconception educator.  Although she doesn’t yet have children of her own, she is committed to helping families naturally and informatively navigate pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Zoë has over ten years of experience working with children and adults in educational and creative capacities, with an emphasis in infants and early childhood.

In her other life, Zoë is a poet and teacher of writing. She holds an MFA in Critical Studies and Creative Writing from California Institute of the Arts. She hopes to incorporate poetry into her doula practice, by encouraging new moms and families to pen their birth narratives and archive their experiences to one day share with their child. Writing is cathartic and can help new families process their experiences.  Doula Zoë is… LGBT friendly, experienced with Orthodox Jewish families, and high profile clientele.

photoMelody Dobbins has always had the instincts of a hustler and the scrappiness of an underdog, as is often the case with Memphis natives and little sisters. Love carried her to Nashville, by way of Massachusetts. And so, it was in the Music City that both of her daughters were born, and with them the new found desire to make her little world as natural as possible. When she went to her regular stores in search of safer skincare, her inner-hippie began to cringe at the chemical cocktails described in the ingredient lists. The scrappy underdog in her took umbrage at price points designed to make healthy, organic skincare a benefit exclusive to the wealthy. Her inner hustler thought, “I bet I can make better product than this; and cheaper too.”  Those thoughts, mixed with one part business sense, one part chemistry and 10 parts herb-lore and obsessive studying resulted in her third child: Naturalized Citizen Skincare. Coming up on its third year, her West Nashville-based line of skincare products has a cult following that grows by the month.

Ever an advocate for the underdog, there is nothing that gets to Melody more than a bully, especially if that bully comes in the form of a for-profit industry or a cultural stereotype. Prior to starting her own company, Melody spent a decade working in early childhood education for underserved communities in Memphis and teaching adults how to read with the Nashville Adult Literacy Council. She has a particular soft spot for new and expecting moms. Birthing one child with and one without all the needles and drugs has made her an enthusiastic advocate for natural childbirth, but having gone both ways also allows her to be sympathetic to every mother’s personal choice. Melody, her husband and their two daughters (aged 4 & 1) live in Nashville and serve as support staff for their 14 year old cat, Doc. When her youngest finally heads off to school she hopes to follow her love of healing to a vocation as a Doula.

Naomi Taylor lives in New York City with her husband and daughter, Hattie.  She lives on organic food (and anything chocolate) and measures her success by the level of dirty laundry in the hamper.  On a good day, she can be found snuggling with her daughter while eating a quinoa salad and simultaneously writing an award winning blog post (ha!). On a bad day, she forgets to put on socks.  Her life motto is progress not perfection and ultimately, through wit and humor, Naomi strives to only be one thing – herself.  Naomi grew up in Oswego, New York with her quirky family whom she (mostly) adores.  After graduating college, she fell in love with her now husband of 2 years, got married, and gave birth to a beautiful little girl.  She became a stay at home mom and even on the most hectic of days wouldn’t change it for the world.  Because of the sensitive material of much of her writing, Naomi prefers to write anonymously – or as anonymously as one can write when spilling their darkest secrets with the entire world.


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