Products to Assist with Inverted or Flat Nipples

Mothers with inverted or flat nipples can make use of some products in order to facilitate breastfeeding. While flat or inverted nipples may present some problems with the baby latching on during breastfeeding, the use of the following products can prove to help to some degree.

  • Nipple shields: Nipple shields are thin, flexible, artificial nipples that are made out of silicone. These shields are to be worn on top of the actual nipple, making it easy for the baby to latch on.
  • Breast pump: Breast pumps can be used to help the nipples protrude. There are a number of high quality breast pumps available in the market that can help stimulate the nipples in between feedings.
  • Breast shells: Breast shells are plastic shells that have a hole for the nipple to protrude out of. These are to be worn inside of a bra in-between feedings.

While these are some of the products that can help with inverted or flat nipples, lactation experts also sometimes recommend reverse pressure softening in order to help the nipples stand out. Some of the common home remedies that can help include stimulating the nipple using the fingers and applying cold moist compresses to the nipples immediately before breastfeeding to help the nipples protrude.


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