Products to Assist with C-Section Recovery – The C Panty

The C Panty is a specially designed panty that can help in the recovery of C-Section births. The panty is made out of nylon and spandex and can help reduce the scarring as well as the swelling around the incision. It also offers support to the abdominal region with a belly wrap which can help in slimming of the tummy post pregnancy. The waistband of the C panty rests just below the ribs, making it comfortable to wear. C panty proves to be a smart alternative to normal granny panties and can promote healing, while allowing mothers to wear pants and others clothes of their choice with ease.

A compression panel made out of silicone is placed inside the C panty over the incision, which helps the skin retain moisture and minimizes itching around the area. The compression helps support the weakened muscles and prevents chances of swelling. Designed by surgeons and C-Section mothers, the C panty is meant to be used for recovery up to one year after the delivery of the child. Engineered to perfection, the product flattens bulges of the tummy, shrinks the uterus and also greatly speeds up the recovery of the incision caused by the C-Section.


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