How to Deal with Edema after Birth

Edema, also known as postpartum swelling, is caused due to the release of excess fluid accumulated in the mother’s body during the last months of pregnancy before delivery. Edema is very rarely serious and most swelling goes away within a week.

While swelling can prove to be inevitable for most women, some of the remedies that can help deal with edema include the following:

  • A clean diet can help flush out the excess fluids from the body faster, reducing edema and it can also help the mother’s body adapt to the baby’s demands.
  • Moderate amounts of activity and daily exercise improve the circulation of fluids in the body and can help alleviate swelling. Exercising also leads to loss of excess body fluids by sweating.
  • In some instances, the legs and ankles of a mother are affected. In such cases elevating the feet above the level of the heart can restrict the swelling.
  • Tight clothing and jewelry should be avoided.
  • Ice packs and cold compresses can help reduce both swelling and pain. Sites should be cleaned carefully and the area should be kept free of lotions until healing begins.

While edema is not serious, if the swelling happens in only one leg, it may be a complication as a result of a blood clot. In such a case, professional medical attention should be provided at the earliest.


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