What to Use for Stretch Marks

While stretch marks cannot be gotten rid of completely, they gradually fade away with time. There are a number of massaging creams, lotions and oils which can be used on the marks to make the skin feel more supple and smooth. However, they rarely make the marks disappear completely.

A combination of muscle exercises around the affected areas along with healthy eating will tone down the stretched area. This will not result in a disappearance of stretch marks, but it helps with smoothening out the stretched out muscle tissues.

Medicated creams and lotions that are derived from Vitamin A, such as Retin A or tretinoin may also be used under a doctor’s prescription. These creams however, should not be used when a mother is breastfeeding her child.

Laser therapy is another option that can help remove stretch marks after pregnancy. There are different types of laser to treat different colors of stretch marks. Laser therapy may also be used to stimulate the skin cells to produce collagen that can help restore the elasticity of flabby skin areas.

Removal of stretch marks is considered to be a cosmetic procedure and insurance plans typically do not cover such treatments. Stretch marks gradually fade away and they are quite difficult to get rid of otherwise.


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