How to Avoid an Episiotomy

An episiotomy is the procedure of making a small cut around the back passage of the entrance area of the vagina in order to facilitate delivery of a child. Episiotomy procedures are used only when it is absolutely necessary for the well-being of either the baby or the mother. This usually happens in cases when a baby needs to be delivered ahead of time due to complications.

There are a number of remedies that can help a mother avoid an episiotomy. During pregnancy, after about 33 weeks, the elasticity of the muscles around the perineum should be increased by massaging the area with vitamin E oils and vegetable oils on a daily basis. Floor exercises can help strengthen the pelvic area and exercising helps the muscles relax during the next stage of labor. A healthy diet and exercise throughout pregnancy will reduce chances of an episiotomy.

The primary reason for an episiotomy happens because a woman is completely exhausted. Mothers should always pace themselves up and should get plenty of rest so as to allow the body to adjust to the rapid changes induced by labor. There is also some evidence which points out that a home birth may reduce the chances of an episiotomy.


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