Baby Hunger Cues

Babies often give out an indication whenever they’re hungry. While the crying of an infant is definitely a sign of hunger, it proves to be a very late sign. Breastfeeding can be made much simpler if a mother watches out for the early signs that a baby gives out on being hungry.

Some of the earliest signs of hunger that a baby shows include the licking of or the smacking of lips. Other signs include the opening and closing of the mouth in succession and sucking of the lips, fingers, tongue, or even toys and clothing.

The active cues of hunger that a baby gives out include rooting towards the chest of every individual around and trying to get into a nursing position. Squirming and fidgeting around is also an active sign of hunger. A baby may also breathe quickly and make a lot of fuss in case of hunger.

Some of the late signs of hunger include crying and moving the head frantically from one end to another.

Newborns tend to spend a lot of time asleep. As such, if a mother does not take care of feeding it frequently, the child may get hungry very easily. It is advised that mothers should definitely nurse their children whenever they receive cues of hunger and also once every two hours during the day and once at night.


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