Different Baby Cries

There are many different cries that newborns let out and different cries imply different things that the infant may want to communicate. While the sound of a baby crying may prove to just be signs of discomfort or hunger, it has been found that babies significantly make use of different types of cries in order to let others know of something they want to communicate.

The following five types of baby cries have been identified to convey different things:

  • The ‘neh’ sound that a baby lets out when crying is an indication of hunger. This happens because of the baby’s sucking reflexes, which causes the tongue to be pushed to the roof of the mouth.
  • The ‘owh’ sound is a reflex cry that a baby lets out when it is felling sleepy.
  • The ‘heh’ sound generally indicates that the baby is in discomfort. It may mean that the baby wants assistance quickly.
  • The ‘eair’ sound is let out as a deeper cry which originates from the abdominal region of the baby and it implies a lower amount of gas in the abdomen.
  • The ‘eh’ sound is let out by a baby when it feels full after feeding and needs to burp.

New mothers must always carefully listen to their babies and must learn to distinguish their cries in order to better attend to their needs.w


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