When My Baby Will Start Walking? These Three Signs Will Show You

Some babies need to hold around something when they start learning to walk and they do it for months, while other babies may only need weeks or even days to walk the moment they can stand on both of their feet. This is normal, but if you are curious about when exactly your cute, little baby will start working, these three signs may give you a clear hint.

When your babies start pulling up on their own, it is the first hint that they are ready for another lesson: walking. Most babies usually start pulling up on their own when they are 8 months old and for another 3 months, they will learn to walk their first independent steps.

Your next hint is when your baby gets fussy. Do not worry about what happens because this is normal. Every baby will get fussy whenever he reaches a new milestone in his ‘walking’ training. So, prepare yourself for this sign.

Extra sleepiness is the third sign. Most babies snooze a lot more than normal when they are learning to walk. Even though it depends on each baby, it usually takes 10 to 11 months before he stop snoring. During this period, your baby’s body also learns to gain strength for his steps.


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