Understanding Your Baby Poop

You may not like to talk about your baby’s poop. However, do you know there are many things you can learn from your baby’s poop, besides of its color and size?

His first poop

We call it meconium, a poop with dark-greenish and black color. Even though it appears first in your baby’s diaper, it is technically not a poop, but excess of substance his body eliminates from his intestines. Your baby gets this substance while he was still in your womb.

Real baby poop

With a mustard, yellow, and brownish color, this poop usually smells ‘better’ than the next poop. Do not worry when you see it too small because it is normal.

Food poop

Once you start feeding him solid foods, his poop will become icky and smell worse. Its color will follow the color of food you gave him at that day.

Formula poop

If you feed your baby with formula, her food will be different. Usually, it is a bit darker than normal and has a smell of iron vitamin. It is different, but normal.


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