Things You Should Know about Breast Pump

Many young parents who are ‘too busy’ in their career choose breast pump as alternative option to ‘breastfeed’ their baby. Well, it is a good option, but before you decide anything about this, read this post carefully.

Wait your baby first

Do not rush to pump your milk in the first few weeks until it is truly necessary because most commercial pumps are not safe. We recommend using hospital-grade pumps for a few weeks until your body can establish a good milk supply. Only after this, you can use commercial-grade pumps. Besides, you can also save your money.

Talk to other mothers

With many versions of breast pumps out there, choosing the right one is crucial for both you and your baby. If you are new to this, do not be shy to ask other mothers about their experience in using this product. The more different experiences you learn, the better you can decide.

Get used to it before you do it

Your baby is your first priority, not your career or anything else. For his reason, wait for a few weeks after birth until your body can establish a good milk supply. This is crucial because if you are too early in pumping your breast milk, your body may not be able to establish a good supply forever.


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