Ten Things We Will Hear from Babies if they can talk

Are you curious about what exactly your newborn babies say to you when they can move their tongue for the first time? Well, you are not the only parents who think about it. Looking at the efforts they make is very adorable, but what words they exactly want to say?

I am not a baby and I do not know what exactly babies want to say for the first time, but if I were they, I will say these:

  1. HOLD ME or I am not going to stop screaming every time you put me down
  2. I am still hungry. Give me more booby
  3. Well, not that clown again. Hey, buddy, nice to see you. Now, be a good one and go, fetch someone else with the boobies
  4. Hug me please. I love to be around you, mummy
  5. Are they vegetables? Well, keep them away from me or I will scream
  6. I love to play for another hour, but I am sitting in my own urine here. Mummy, change my nappy!
  7. I love you changing my nappy, mummy. Can you please change it again? I get my poop at it.
  8. Daddy, I cannot sleep. Can you please read that story again?
  9. What is that cute thing there? Is it my doll? Wait, why is it moving and barking?
  10. Hehehehe. Your back is perfect for the crotch sniff. I love sitting down there.

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