Smart Diapering Habits for You and Your Baby

She may be not your first baby, but still diapering her may turn to a messy experience. Learn these smart diapering habits to save your time and even your wardrobe.

Two spare diapers are perfect

Prevention is better than cure. You do not know when your baby will poop, but when he does, you already have ‘fresh’ stock ready.

Always restock!

Whenever you get home, restock the diapers. It may be simple, but it will help you in saving your time when your baby needs to poop.

Online order is always helpful

Online order can help you getting diapers while you are feeding your baby. No more traffic and fatigue. All you need is few clicks.

Trash bag

Do not litter, especially when it is your baby’s diaper. It can be smelly and you do not want someone else get the ‘disturbing’ smell. So, always bring at least one plastic bag with you to avoid throwing the diaper to someone else’s garbage.


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