Safe Tips for Baby Swaddling

Wrapping your newborn baby may be quite helpful in soothing his cries and giving him a peaceful sleep. However, we can find another solution better than this way. The reason is most newborn babies come with hip instability. If you do not give proper treatment to your baby, such as giving him tight swaddling around his hip, you can make your own baby suffering from hip dysplasia. It is a fatal situation when his hips are no longer in the center of the socket.

In fact, most newborn babies suffer from hip dysplasia. Considering the 9 months they spend in their mother’s womb, all babies have more than enough time to build very tight muscles around their hips by crossing their legs in the womb. Unfortunately, they also need a long time to stretch these legs.

When we stretch their legs straight and press them with a tight swaddle, we force their hips to immediately move out of the socket. In other words, we leave no space for their hip joint to develop properly. That is the reason leaving enough space for baby’s legs to move freely is still the best solution of baby wrapping.


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