Pregnancy Tips: How to Soothe Your Heartburn

Heartburn is a common symptom during pregnancy, especially first and third trimesters. It can happen either because there is a rapid hormonal change or the combination between this hormonal change and baby growth, which in fact speeds up the burn. This symptom is painful and stressful. The worst thing is there is nothing you can do to calm your hormones. However, you can still do few things to forget about the pain.

  1. Eat few hours before you sleep or rest
  2. Correct sleeping position can help you relieve the pain. While you are sleeping, try to prop yourself up or remain upright.
  3. Keep away from citrus, grease, and other acidic fruits because their acidic content will make your heartburn worse than ever
  4. Divide your meals into few groups throughout the day.
  5. Take less drink with your meals and choose only liquid yoghurt, milk, or smoothies. These beverages will help you balance your stomach acid

For serious heartburn case, you should contact your doctor to get better treatment than the above tips, including getting antacids.


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