Perfect Ways to Share Your Baby Firsts

Your baby first moments are too worthy to keep just in your albums. Let the world knows how cute your baby!

  1. Make a video

Capture everything special from your baby’s life (his first steps, first words, and other things), then share it via YouTube. It does not to be long. As long as your baby did it, it will be wonderful!

  1. Share the pictures

Photo-sharing websites allow you to not only upload any photos you like, but also save and show them to the world, without any cost at all. Use the privacy setting to limit people who can see the pictures.

  1. Put in a virtual scrapbook

Make your own scrapbook of adorable pictures of your baby. With lots of free scrapbook softwares today, it is very easy to do this with only few clicks.

  1. Blog it

Writing stories about your baby is another excellent idea. Maybe, someday your grown up baby will read the posts you make today. Can you imagine how interesting it is?


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