Not All Teething Remedies Are Safe for Your Baby

When your baby gets his first teeth, prepare yourself to spend the whole night soothing your baby from crying. The pain he gets from the emerging teeth buds is normal, but the way you treat his pain is another thing. Never think all teeth remedies are same and they will relieve the pain because there are some teething remedies that will only make your baby’s pain worse than before.

If you are not certain about which medication to give to your newborn, do not act recklessly by giving any medication you can get. Taking him to the doctor is the best thing you can do, but when you cannot do that, there are some tips you can use.

First, as US FDA recommends, parents should never use benzocaine products, as they will make your baby’s mouth numb. You should also keep away any medication that contains lidocaine viscous unless your child is 2 years old or your doctor suggests you to taking this medicine. Please carefully check your medicine because giving too much lidocaine viscous to your baby may lead to overdose symptoms, including jitters, failing asleep too easily, shaking, confusion, vomiting, vision problems, heart problems, seizures, and severe brain injury. Besides, there are some medical reports that associate mouth-numbing products with methemoglobinemia at babies, even though these products can relieve teething pain. When a baby suffers from methemoglobinemia, there is not enough oxygen in his bloodstream, causing blue-tinted skin, lack of energy, and shortness of breath. If your baby shows at least two of these symptoms, we recommend taking your baby to hospital.

Natural remedies are your best option to soothe your baby’s sore gums; especially he will continue getting his new teeth until he was 3 years old (when his mouth has the complete formation of temporary baby teeth).

Various natural remedies are available for you to try, but we would like to recommend doing the following things:

  • Give your baby a frozen teething ring. With a nice design, it will be very helpful to relieve his pain and numb and cool his sore gums
  • Use a damp, cold washcloth to rub his gums. You can also use your finger to reduce swelling
  • A fresh-from-the-freezer pacifier is something your baby cannot resist

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