New Baby, New Habits, New Life

These three incredible things will make you believe you have become true parents, once you passed them.

  1. Two hours to sleep every day

New baby means less time to sleep than before. It may be exhausting to wake up in the night to change the diaper, feed him, or soothe his cries, but as long as you do it with love, it will be a joyful experience.

  1. First diaper change

You read books, listen from other parents, and you believe you can do it. However, a question comes to your mind. Can I do it? With all the new baby stuffs and poops, you will never forget your baby’s first diaper change.

  1. You forget something important

Taking your baby with you means a lot of stuff to carry. You believe you have everything in your bag, but, wait a moment, is there something missing?

You become panic, but it is only for a minutes because the next minute, you adjust. That is how a supermom does it.


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