Let Your Babies Sleep Better with Lulla Doll

There is no better night for all moms than to see their babies sleep peacefully at nights. We do everything we can to help our babies sleep. We hug them to keep them feel close and even use white noise to give them a peaceful sleep, but too often, our babies just cannot sleep.

Lucky for us, we get Lulla Doll; a special doll made our babies to help them feel better, sleep longer, and stay say in the night. Using a unique sound box that plays a mother’s natural heartbeat and breathing, this doll adopts a mother’s true love and hug that comforts babies and puts them into a peaceful sleep.

Once you activated this chest sound box, it will play a peaceful harmony of a mother’s heartbeat and breathing for approximately 8 hours before it automatically turns off. It is more than enough to see your babies sleep peacefully.


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