How Wireless Baby Monitor Can Be Harmful for Your Baby

Today, when high-technology devices have become inseparable part of our life, many of us do not realize each of these devices has its own ‘hidden costs’. They may make our life better and easier than we can think, but we should never forget that many of these devices also bring chronic risks to our life, especially our health. Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation, for example, accounts for various health risks for people from different age groups, including your newborn baby. Even though our body has its own autoimmune system, we are still vulnerable to invisible wireless radiation. Can you imagine what harms these devices can bring to that fragile body of our baby?

We need special precautions to keep our babies healthy. You may have heard about minimizing cell phone use around your baby, which is a good advice to follow. However, have you heard about how baby monitor brings harm to your baby?

What is going on with baby monitors? Are not they safe? Well, for decades, we know about these devices and how we can use it to monitor our baby’s health status, but that is before this product comes with a wireless version. It means it contains the same EMF threat as other wireless devices, such as cell phone. Some experts even believe the threat it poses is even far beyond cell phones because most parents use wireless baby monitor for hours and place them near their babies.

If you want to know how disaster happens, this wireless baby monitor will show you.

Most wireless baby monitor manufacturers use DECT phone technology for their devices. Running at 1.89 GHz or 2.4 GHz, this technology use the same frequency as microwave ovens. Moreover, your baby monitors use 20 to 120 claimed channels. Your device uses these channels to switch during operation. These devices may not be as harmful as they are today, but since they also emit sharp pulsing burst of EMF radiation as frequent as 100 times per second during these switches do, we cannot expect them to be safe, especially for our babies.

When you place it 1 meter from your baby, this device possesses the same threat of EMF radiation from a base transceiver station (BTS) tower 150 meters away. Some of you may think about placing the device far enough from your baby, yet near enough to monitor her health status. Well, let us make it clear. There is still an imminent threat standing near your baby. Do not think you can eliminate the thread by using the talk back version because it is even more dangerous than the wireless baby monitors are.

We have no recommendation other than asking you to removing this device as fast as you can if you still love your baby (which I believe you do). If for any reason, you cannot do this, please use the wired or analog version, instead the wireless one. Even though these devices are not completely safe, at least you can eliminate the threat if you place the device at least 1 meter from your baby.


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