How to Fix Your Common Diapering Habits

It can be messy if you do not know how to diapering your newborn, but with the following three tips, you can expect it to become an enjoyable experience soon enough.

  1. It is not wiping well

If you want your baby, stays healthy, keeping their diapers clean and hygiene is crucial. For your baby girl, wipe her diaper from front to back. If you get a baby boy, clean the diaper below his scrotum. Make sure you also give your baby few minutes without wearing the diaper to let his bottom air dry.

  1. Where are the wipes?

Here is another classic problem. You forget where you keep the wipes after getting the diaper off. What should you do? Keep a caddy around. My best place is in changing areas along with clean diapers, toys, and creams. It is one-stop diaper solution.

  1. You let her go

Do not let your eyes away from your baby even when you want to leave for few minutes. Use the changing pad straps and keep your hand on your baby. Take her wherever you go, even when you need to answer the phone.


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