How Do I Know My Baby is Hungry?

You love your baby and you do not want them to feel hungry, even for a few minutes. You are doing it right, but even your own baby cannot tell you when they are hungry. Well, do not let that make you leave your baby because she might have left some clues that tell you exactly what he needs.

Learn your babies and soon you will understand that even when his communication skills have not developed yet, he has already had many clues to tell you when he is ready to feed. Many parents believe they need to wait until their babies cry because it means they feel hungry. Let me tell you this fact. The moment your baby choose to cry, you are too late from realizing your baby is hungry. Crying is baby’s last attempt to warn their parents that their little tummies need something to eat.

So, what are clues your baby left to you?

Mom, I think I am hungry:

  • Licking lips
  • Closing and opening mouth
  • Sucking on tongue, fingers, lips, toes, hands, clothing, or toys

Mom, I am hungry now:

  • Rooting around the person who is carrying him or any object around him
  • Pulling or lying back on your clothes to position for nursing
  • Fidgeting around
  • Breathing fast
  • Hitting you on your chest

Where are you, mom? My tummy is killing me:

  • Crying

Some of you may experience that even after recognizing these signs their babies are still hungry. So, what do you think? What should you do in this situation? If I were you, I will try to offer my baby a feed. Breastfeeding is the best, easiest, and most natural ‘treatment’ your baby cannot resist. It will feed, reassure, and comfort him at once. Besides, it will not bring harm to him ☺


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