Five Ways to Soothe Your Crying Baby

Many parents fail to deep frustration when their attempts to soothe their baby do not work at all. Well, do not fall to deep, because some of these simple tips may help you soothing your crying baby.

  1. Swaddle

Hold him against your right chest or neck, swaddle him snuggly, and sing lullabies softly. The sounds he hears through your chest and your heartbeat will soothe him, as it is similar to the sound he hears in your womb.

  1. Burp and bounce

Help your baby releasing the air bubble trapped in his tummies by dancing a little (with music) around the room or just sit with her and gently bounce her. These simple movements will also provide relief to your baby.

  1. Football hold

Try to hold your baby face down on your forearm and perform a bouncy motion around the room. It may be simple, but it will help your baby to calm down and relax.

  1. Suckle

Some cries do not mean your baby is hungry. Try to offer a dummy. It works sometimes.

  1. Rock

At last, try to play a soft music and put your baby on a rocking chair. To make it more comfortable, add some of his favorite toys.


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