Coughing. Biting. Is My Baby Teething?

Is your baby teething? No one can say, even doctors. Sometimes, it may just be a false alarm. At the other time, it may be for real. Know the signs and prepare to see the first smile of your baby.

  • Drooling

Many babies experience drooling when their first teeth are growing. Even though it may be quite ‘disgusting,’ it is still a good sign.

  • Biting

Does your baby often bite during the breastfeed? Well, it is not a mean move. Your baby just responds to the counter pressure on his pinky gums.

  • Irritability
  • Insomnia

Teething is exhausting and your baby is still too small to hold it. It is painful, as well. You may not realize it, but waking at the midnight is the best way for your baby to deal with the pain

  • Coughing

Do not worry. Your baby will not cough a lot. It is just a normal reaction for the excess saliva.

These five signs may mean your baby is having his first teeth. However, it is also possible one or more of these signals may also lead to something else. If you have any doubt about what exactly happens, you should call your doctor.


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