Every woman who gets pregnant for the first time in their life have one question in their head. “What do contractions feel like?” Some of us try to find answers for this question from people we know, including friends, families, even our own mother. Some women may tell that it is one of the best moment of their life. Other women think it is like their bad period cramp.

So, what does it truly feel like?

You may experience some kind of intense menstrual cramps during the first few weeks of your pregnancy. It is both painful and uncomfortable, but as long as you keep your healthy lifestyle, you will be able to manage it. Sometimes, you may also experience cramp-like dull ache around the bottom of your abdomen. As weeks passed, your pain will intensify. The old period cramps will leave and another sensation that resembles your internal organs as if they are tightening and squeezing will replace that pain.

It is truly a long path until you can see that cute face of your lovely little baby. There are pains you should bear, but luckily, there will be breaks, which you can use to rest and restore your energy. Use this time well by improving your diet and doing sports, but do not get it too often or you will only add more suffer than before to your pregnancy.

After this break, the pain will continue and it is likely you will lose control of your body when the excruciating pain comes. Most pregnant women feels there is a stabbing pain comes from their lower abdomen to their back. Even though you will also ‘get’ some breaks during these pains, they will be shorter than the first break you got previously. After that, it will become worse than ever. Some pregnant women even describe this moment as the only moment of their life when they think it is better for them to crawl from their body than to hold the pain.

Yes, that will happen during your pregnancy. However, once again, no pain lasts forever. This stage will only last until you give birth to your baby. Once you did it, you will forget every painful experience you had in the past. You will only remember how cute your little baby and how you love her.


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