Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding Tips

First breastfeeding is always tense. Learn these tips to make it more ‘fun and enjoyable.’

Arm and back support

A comfortable sit is important for breastfeeding. So, make sure you have full support for your arms, feet, and back. When necessary, use pillow to support your baby’s weight.

Nipple ‘sandwich’

Place your thumb on top of the dark part of your nipple and other fingers underneath, and then compress it. Use your nipple to tickle and open your baby’s mouth. Next, you need to stuff your nipple into her mouth. You must ensure the ‘sprinkler’ part of your nipple reaches the very back of your baby’s tongue. You will know whether if you have reached it or not when your baby’s mouth seal around the dark part of your nipple.

Take your time

Do not rush feed your baby in the first few weeks. Let your baby ‘decide’ when and how much she wants. Usually, a newborn wants to feed at least every 3 hours and they spend 30 minutes on each side. Once you are used to it, the feedings will get faster than before.


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