Are You Having a Baby Boy? Prepare Yourself for These Surprises

You may had been expecting your baby to be a girl. It is a wonderful dream. However, there is no reason for you to fall in sadness if your doctor said you are going to have a boy. He is as wonderful as baby girl. In fact, there will be many surprises waiting for you. We do not have any plan to give you a heart attack, so we think it would be better for both of us if you know what surprises this baby can give to you.

  1. They love their mother

Your son will love both of you as his parents. However, when someone asks him about which one he loves the most, it will be you. You may ever heard about girls as the gentle one, but you can expect your little baby boy to be more affectionate than the girl.

  1. They have muscles

We are not here to compare boys and girls, but if you ask for a second opinion, boys do get the muscles. A quick tour at local park will help you confirm how robust your little boy and how fast they put stains at their clothes. Do not blame him for what he does because it is just in his blood.

  1. They are easy to raise

This thing does not happen forever, but most parents with children of both sexes claim girls are more difficult to raise than boys. Well, reasons may depend on how you take care of your child, but most baby boy are simply less complicated than girls. I am not meaning this as a generalization. Sometimes, they are more difficult to raise than girls.

  1. You can save your money on clothes

Your baby boy has already been so adorable. Can you imagine how he will look with that stripy shirts, cords, and tiny cardigans? Can you imagine a better idea than dressing your newborn boy like his grandfather? You can even get sweater vests with the perfect size for your baby boy!

  1. They play rough

All babies love playing, but when you get a baby boy, expect something more than just rough to come. Get ready for a ‘bit’ wrestling, chucking, and chasing around for not only hours, but also the whole day. We are so curious about how much energy that cute creature has in his tiny body.


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