A Formula Mother is also a Mother and They Need Your Support

All mothers want to breastfeed their babies. However, sometimes there are some circumstances that keeping some mothers from breastfeeding their babies. These mothers have no better option than choosing to formula feed their babies, but their choice is not only the consequence they should deal. They often struggle with negative public opinion that judge them for choice they have made. For a new mother who put her life in stake when giving birth to her child, this judgment can leave pretty painful and dark memories.

Considering that fact, supporting her with the following words will be a very nice gift, especially at the new stage of her life as a mother.

Your Baby is Doing Great

For some women, being a mother is a great pride, but with some other people, it also comes with a lot of guilt and terrifying moments. Many new mothers are always questioning whether they are doing their job as a mother or not. They worry about their baby who is not getting ‘the same’ treatment as other babies and whether it affects her life or not. Help building her confident that there is nothing wrong with decision she made and her baby will grow happily and healthily.

You have a Strong Bond with Your Baby

Some formula mothers worry with the decision they made, they are losing the mother-and-baby connection. By ensuring her the bond still exists and even grow stronger than she knows, you can help building her confidence that she has built a very strong bond with her baby.

You are a Great Mother

Every new mother loves to hear she is doing her job well, including formula mother. Your comments, both positive and negative, will also build her confidence. So, spare your time to honor everything she has done as a new mother. Telling her that she is a great mother will absolutely boost her confidence and burn her spirit as a mother.

I Support You

This is another way to show your appreciation to the formula mother. Besides telling it directly, you can show your appreciation with your actions. Show her your support by offering help to her. You can also show your support by telling things she love, not things she hate to hear.


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