Cupcakes for Kylie!

Cupcakes for Kylie!

Kylie Elizabeth was born on May 11, 2012 at 6:49 am, weighing 6.5 lbs. and 21 inches long to first time parents Luke and Bree. From the beginning Kylie has always been so full of life, so vivacious, independent, free spirit, smart, happy, smiley, and such a ray of sunshine. On Dec. 26th Kylie went to the doctors for a swollen eye. The first scan showed a mass behind her eye and doctor’s hoped it was an infection. Unfortunately it wasn’t. In total, little Kylie has 3 tumors in her head/face, some on her liver, one by her spleen (the biggest of all her tumors and the first one that started), and other tumors on her pelvic bone, spine, femur of one leg and calf bone on the other leg. On Dec. 30th Kylie was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma. After her bone morrow biopsy, they also found that it had spread to her borrow as well.

Treatment Plan: Kylie is currently undergoing her 6 rounds of chemo therapy in San Diego. After the 2nd round of chemo Kylie will have a stem cell harvest, where they take her stem cells clean them up and then freeze them for future treatment. For example, if Kylie relapses and needs a stem cell transplant. After the 5th round of chemo, she will have her surgery to remove the large tumor in her abdomen. As soon as Kylie is finished with her 6 rounds of chemotherapy she will begin her travels to Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York city where she will start her immunotherapy and radiation. Kylie and her family will have to fly back to NY every 3 weeks for 2 years to receive this treatment.

A friend of mine shared this precious girl’s story with me. I have been following her story and decided I wanted to do something. I am crazy about families and crazy about babies. I am a Doula and in my spare time when I’m not telling laboring women to breathe or changing diapers, I make baby clothes. This idea to help Kylie and her family is important to me for so many reasons. I asked my friend, Taylor, to help me and being a mother of a little one herself, she said yes immediately. We contacted Kylie’s family who also immediately said yes. Kylie’s family posted our Instagram auction on their page to promote it. We have permission of the family to run the auction and we hope you will all support us, but mostly support them. Love them. Cherish them. And lift them up in this time of need.

Our auction will be held ON instagram. The account is @cupcakesforkylie. Please follow the account and share the account with as many people as possible! We need donors and we need potential bidders! ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE FAMILY. Not a penny will go to any of the organizers. The auction date will be announced soon. If you are interested in donating an item (new or gently used or handmade) or a service, please email

Anything and everything is welcomed and appreciated.

Let’s all come together with positive minds and helping, healing hearts.

Much love,
Amie & Taylor


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