Five and Fighting: The Gender Politics of Kindergarten

tumblr_m68dxddxw51qjyc47o1_5001My daughter is five years old. My bright, amazing, wonderful, smart, talented, loving, and challenging girl is five. I thought that I had years, three at the least, five at best, before I had to really worry about gender politics and autonomy. Funny, because now I am realizing that I have been worrying since the moment that the ultrasound tech typed our chosen girl’s name on the screen. I guess I was just ready for allowing my daughter to pick her own toys and interests. I was willing to accept her pink walls and love of princesses right along with her fascination with maps, bugs, and living things. I was all about my husband having tea parties one minute, and introducing her to Mario Galaxy the next. I was ready for us, for me, for her…I was not prepared for the rest of the world.
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