Creating A New Definition Of “Accomplished”

The other day I was watching old episodes of Criminal Minds and one of the characters, Spencer Reid, noted that he had just turned 27 and had doctorates in Mathematics, Engineering, and Chemistry along with BAs in Psychology and Sociology as well as worked for the FBI saving lives as a member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. I just turned 27 in March and haven’t done any of those things. A feeling of failure washed over me, a feeling I feel every year around this time.

Every since I graduated from college, birthdays have always brought me down. They are a yearly reminder of all the things I thought I would do with my life. All the things I failed to accomplish. In high school I was so sure I’d be ‘someone’. I planned to have my first book written by 22, be a successful lawyer slash doctor slash dancer slash actor slash whatever else I was interested in at 16. But I haven’t done any of those things.

But this year was the first year that the feeling of failure didn’t last long. I realized that I am someone. I may not be famous and I may not have done all the things my 16 year old self imagined, but I have become someone I’m really happy with. I’m Mom and Wife, two of the most important titles I could have. I’m Teacher and have had the opportunity to help some of the most amazing students. This year I realized I needed to change my definition of accomplished.

How do you define accomplished?


In Defense of Love: A Straight, Urban Housewife’s Views on DOMA.

ImageI wrote this blog a while ago and never published it, because I try to avoid being political…mostly, but in light of today’s historic DOMA ruling, I am going to go ahead and say it, loud and proud as an ally…I love you. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care who you love, or what consenting adult you choose to have sex with. I don’t care if you’re a sequin loving man who dances with abandon on a google eyed float in a speedo at Pride Fest, or a corporate lawyeress (that’s the correct term, right?) with a loving wife at home. I love you if you’re a housewife with two kids and a doting husband, and I love (but not in that way) your husband too. I don’t really give a damn what you do in your bedroom, as long as you first do no harm. I care about love. And love is what won today.
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Out of the Box Collective

The Mission of Out of the Box Collective is to deliver the Food Revolution to our customer’s table by using their food dollars to support a collective of local farmers, ranchers, vintners and artisans who are stewards of the land. In exchange, our customers enjoy the freshest, most nutrient-dense, delicious food available, paired with seasonal meal plans and recipes.Image

To help make eating healthy easier, Out of the Box Collective delivers both set and customizable Boxes of local foods from all the food groups, and accompany them with custom-written meal plans and recipes using everything in the box. We provide local produce, grassfed meats, nuts/dried fruits, pulses/grains, Regional Specialties, CA cheese, fair trade pantry items and are about to add organic, locally made baby and toddler food, also created with local ingredients.  We make eating local, fresh food easy for your family.