Baby’s First Three Months

So you’ve waited nine long months of carrying your child. You’ve enjoyed their little kicks, watched them on the sonogram screen and finally, you’ve endured hours of labor. They’re finally here, and everyone couldn’t be happier! images (48)But now that the pregnancy is over, what are some of the milestones that you can expect from your little one? When will you see the first smile, or when can you expect your tiny tot to roll over? Not all babies will progress at the exact same rates, but this is a handy timetable to learn what you can expect your child to learn within the first three months of their life!

Month 1
When your baby is first born, you may certainly feel like it is just a constant cycle of feeding and changing your child. Your infant isn’t able to hold their head up at first, as their necks aren’t strong enough to support their heads just yet. But soon enough, your little one will be able to lift their head when they are lying on their tummies! Within the first month, you will also begin to notice that your child will be able to track your voice when they hear you, and sometimes may even be able to look around and follow the sound of your voice! You may even wake up one day and peek in the crib to see your child smiling up at you. While not all children can do this within the first month, some can. Remember, each baby learns and progresses differently, all at their own rate.

Month 2
Soon enough, you’ll start to hear the very first cooing sounds coming from your baby! You’ll begin hearing gurgles and coos when they are especially happy! These are the very first stages of your baby learning to vocalize their feelings! At two months, most babies are able to follow objects across their field of vision as well. At one point, your baby will even begin to discover his or her hands and become fascinated by them. At this point, your child will also be able to hold their head up for longer periods of time, and can also hold it up at a 45 degree angle. Most children at this age are also able to smile and laugh, and their movements will begin to become a little bit smoother. Some children at this stage are able to hold their head steady, and can also lift their shoulders as if they are doing a “mini-pushup.”

Month 3
Month three is when things start to get really fun! Your child will begin to learn to recognize your face, voice and even your scent! At this point, they have gotten a lot better at holding their tiny heads up, and are able to track moving objects with their vision much easier now! In addition to their gurgles and coos, they’ll now begin to squeal when they are excited and may begin to blow bubbles with their mouth! Some children may be able to bring their hands together, as if they are clapping, and may even be able to bat at their toys!

Each new month will bring new milestones to celebrate with your little one! It’s such an incredible joy to watch them learn and grow more and more each and every day!


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