There are many natural ways to self-induce labor. One of these techniques is called acupressure, which is a form of acupuncture, without the needles. The practice uses the same points on the body as acupuncture does but uses finger pressure to gently induce labor or help relieve the pain of childbirth.
Before we get into what acupressure really is, please understand that you should not attempt it unless you are told it is safe by a doctor or a midwife. There is a chance that you could go into early labor, which would put your baby’s health or life at risk. It is recommended to not attempt acupressure until you are at least 38 weeks pregnant. It is also best that there is a midwife or partner available in case anything should go wrong. You should never attempt these techniques when you are alone.

There are several different ways you can apply pressure. One technique is to simply use a finger to apply pressure for thirty seconds to a minute. Another technique is to apply pressure and then gently rub it in a small, circular motion for a few seconds. You know you are doing it correctly if you feel a little bit sore, as if you have a minor bruise. It should be slightly uncomfortable but never painful. Pressure should be applied in one minute intervals until contractions are present. If the contractions stop, you can try again.
The first and easiest spot to stimulate is called the Hoku. Look at your hand, palm down. This spot is the webbing between your index finger and your thumb. With your thumb and index finger on your other hand, gently grab the meat within that webbing. Now, you can either massage it in circular motions or squeeze your fingers together to apply a little pressure. This is used to stimulate contractions. It is recommended to apply for one minute and then rest for another minute. Be careful not to press too hard as this technique should not cause pain.
The second spot is called the Spleen Six spot. It is best if you find a partner to help you reach this spot. This area is four finger widths from your ankle, on the same side as your Achilles tendon. Gently massage this area until you begin to have contractions.
The third spot is the Bladder Thirty-Two spot. Again, this may be a spot that is better reached with assistance. Locate the dimple on the buttocks by going down the spine until you feel a ‘dip.’ Now massage that point in a nice circular motion until you begin to feel contractions.
Generally, the easiest way to induce labor with acupressure is with the Hoku method, since you can do it on your own. However, please remember to always have another person present to take care of you in case anything should happen. Acupressure is a very natural way to self-induce labor. If you attempt any of these techniques, please take the proper precautions and best of luck to you.


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