Herbs for Labor

Herbs have been used by women for centuries as another natural means of inducing labor. Even to this day, a lot of women make the choice to use herbs in order to stimulate contractions or relieve the pain of labor instead of other methods used by doctors and nurses. Most of these herbs are readily available in whole foods stores or even over the internet. Make sure that you are purchasing the herbs from a trusted seller. Also, never take more than the recommended dose. If you choose this alternative route to induce labor or reduce pain, please make sure that you have your doctor or midwife’s approval and there are no complications with your pregnancy, including if you have gestational diabetes. It is also extremely important that you do not attempt to induce labor without the consent of your doctor of midwife because early labor could cause harm or even death to your baby.
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ENOUGH!! Mixed Messages from Female Leaders

I’m re-posting this from my original blog because I feel it’s that important…

I was watching a couple of 60 minutes articles the other day, one was of Twitter creator, Jack Dorsey. On one hand I was thinking – how forward thinking of Mr. Dorsey to not have an office making himself available. Also, how ironic, it took for him to create his company to understand the importance of communicating with his family – even if it’s only 140 characters. As a male leader he seem to have a firm grip on his business and personal direction.
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Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life is pregnancy. A new little life growing inside of you, feeling the intense love for your child, and so much more. There are also some fun perks that come along with it too, like the baby shower! A party to celebrate the arrival of your new little bundle of joy, you’ll receive all kinds of gifts for your child, clothes, toys, bedding and so much more! Another fun part of the shower is the planning! You get to decide the guests, the cake, and even the theme! But what theme should you go with? Sure there are the generic zoo animals and pinks and blues, but you’re baby is going to be a unique little person, and you want that to shine through at the shower soiree! We’re going to count down the top ten most unique baby shower ideas!
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Becoming a Mom Changed Me

When our twins were born I vowed to be a better mother than the mothering I had received as a child. I made several resolutions I was going to make in my own life to become not only a great mother, but a more humanitarian person. I was going to breastfeed, co-sleep, use cloth diapers, have a chemical free home, only eat organic food, maybe even not eat meat and dairy, never speak a cross or frustrated word, play every game, always say yes, surround myself with enlightenment and positivity, let friends who aren’t invested in the well-being of our family fall by the wayside, be a sexy wife, make more time for my partner, be a better daughter….. 🙂 Well, Well, I say to myself 7.3 years later – how are those empirically thought decelerations to conquer your parenting/personal life working out? Hmmm……

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Apps to Love: by Wonder Woman’s Mommy

ImageI am a tech mom, unashamedly, and unabashedly. It’s a controversial subject. I may be slammed with vitriol in the comments section, and and that is fine. I am prepared. I know, however, that despite what we may tell everyone else (and even ourselves) that I am not the only one. The iPad is a much loved friend and teacher in our house. My daughters, henceforth they shall be known as Wonder Woman and Pixie Puff, or WW and PP (why? Well, apparently it is a thing when you’re a mommy blogger to adopt Secret Service like codenames for your kidos to protect their anonymity. So, I let eldest (Wonder Woman) come up with the names, because all of my ideas were rubbish, and who is better at code names than a 4 ½ year old? Anyhow, back to it…)
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S#*t’s Far

ImageI haven’t blogged in a few weeks now. Why? Honestly, because I have been swimming in a sea of negativity, and I harbor a righteous and bone deep fear (since being voted “Little Miss Sunshine” by my peers Freshman year of college) of being perceived as Debbie Downer if I publically express said negativity. It is one of the few areas of my life where the negative self-talk still prevails. It isn’t that I don’t allow myself to feel unhappy. I accept my emotions as a part of me, and I treat them all with compassion and kindness. (I just tend to treat the sadness and anxiety with compassion and kindness…while they are locked in the attic recesses of my mind.) So, here I am. Emptying the attic. Shooing the bats from the belfry, as it were, and I’ve just got to say, (as a dear friend from college once said (drunk from the backseat) on a road-trip) “shit’s far.”
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