Happy “Mommy-tine’s” Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all old mommies, new mommies, not yet mommies, and soon to be mommies reading this! Many of us might not personally feel the need to be obligated by a particular day to express ‘love’. We might happily choose to pass the day like any other regular one. But if it does inevitably, in any way swing our thoughts towards ‘love’, how can it not remind us, especially new moms or soon to be moms of the bond that takes or is about to take the dynamics of love forever to a new level!

It’s nothing less than precious to have a little someone in your life who you can never have enough of, or never love enough. Many of us have already experienced how our lives change completely with ‘Mommydom’ and many are on their way to arrive there- their journeys a mix of exhilaration, nervousness, preparation, expectation and anticipation. No matter how many loved ones around support us in it, this journey is hugely personal; more ours in ways it can never be for anyone else. It might be very different for each one of us but one thing is sure- once it’s over well and safely, the word ‘relationship’ gets a new meaning! Love that is mostly pink hearts, red roses and dark chocolate becomes a new love – one that is kissing powdered bums; pacifying little tummies that ache at wrong times; puffing valiantly away at monsters never thought conceivable; leaving no little giggle unacknowledged; no tiny tear unattended. The world is perceived fresh through an assortment of diapers, bottles, sippers and strollers.
Tiredness takes a backseat, ‘Me time’ almost feels like a luxury which in any case is spoiled by separation pangs right at the start of it. “I have a headache tonight”, is not even a plea! It is ridiculous enough to not even get you excused you from a million rounds of ‘Peek-a-Boo’. You discover a new you – the zombie you; available at every beck and call, for everything, at all hours…especially at odd hours!
But then, you would not have it any other way; not once you’ve known the enticement of two exclusive little hands clasping you tight, a pair of searching little eyes unfailingly delighting at your sight, and a set of tiny ears straining solely for the soothing familiarity of your voice. And once you’ve experienced the music of that softly uttered “Momma”, you’re definitely hooked for life!
Even as I’m reminded of the importance of love in my life, I think of how much my little daughter has taught me about my own capacity to love and serve. Deeply sensitive but not too comfortable being very demonstrative, I’m also surprised to discover my own capacity to display endless physical affection- hugs, bear hugs, kisses, cuddles and the works!
And that is what I wish for all you mommies out there – that your hearts are filled up with the irreplaceable warmth of knowing that there’s at least one little person out there whose love can fill up countless little voids in a seldom perfect life! And if Valentine’s Day reminds you of this and makes you thankful for, and want to celebrate knowing this “mommy love”- so be it!! 🙂


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