Inducing Labor

171So its been nine long months, carrying your little bundle of joy. You’ve readied the nursery in soothing colors, and felt their itty bitty kicks in your tummy. The delivery day bag is all packed and you and your partner are anxiously awaiting your baby’s arrival! But the time has come to deliver, and you are both more than ready!
So, where exactly are those contractions? Why hasn’t your water broken yet? You’ve phoned your doctor and all they can tell you to do is “wait it out.” But after being pregnant for nine months, waiting can get old really fast. Is there anything that you can do to meet your baby any quicker?! There are steps that you can take with natural ways to induce labor.

One of the most highly recommended ways to induce labor is to perform light exercises. You can ask your doctor what he recommends for you, as every pregnancy and every person is different. Walking has been the go-to choice for many a pregnant woman. Before you lace up your sneakers though, just make certain that your OB says that it’s okay for you to walk.
This next possible labor inducing activity can be fun for you and your partner. It’ll also give you both that much needed together time before your wee one arrives! Engaging in sexual intercourse with your partner can induce labor, by causing you to orgasm, which in turn will cause your uterus to contract, which will kick start the labor process. Alternatively, if that method does not work, you could always ask your partner if they can give you a massage, as massaging will promote the release of Oxytocin, which is your body’s natural form of the drug given in hospitals to jump start the labor process.
187If none of the methods mentioned above aren’t working for you, as boring as it may sound, you may just want to relax a while and wait it out. Find an activity that you enjoy doing that can be done while resting. You never know, it may take a little bit of relaxation to get the labor process started.
90One thing that is important when you are waiting for your contractions to start is to make sure to check in with your doctor/midwife daily, if they aren’t checking in with you. If you start to feel different at all, or anything doesn’t feel right, make sure to head to your local emergency room. As the old adage says, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Each minute that you wait, it may seem like forever, but soon enough it will all be worth it when your newest little addition looks up at you and your heart melts.


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