Getting Involved Together in the Labor Process

doula-3So, the big day has finally arrived! Delivery day is here! You and your partner may be buzzing around, making sure the bags are packed and the house is looked after. This day is one of the most exciting for you. Today you will welcome a brand new little life into the world. Soon you’ll both be enjoying some quality time with your newest little addition, making memories that you will both cherish forever.

But, back to reality and the moment at hand; you’re in labor. It doesn’t matter what stage you’ve reached, one of the biggest things that you need when you are in labor and getting ready to deliver is a support system. Partners can have a few roles here, as your birth coach, getting you through the effort of quickening contractions, or maybe feeling more comfortable being at your side holding your hand.
It is a good idea, that before your delivery day arrives, you work together to create a birth plan, outlining exactly what you want to happen, who you want to be present, and to create a comprehensive list of things that you want and/or need. Your goal is to be as comfortable as possible so that you can work through your labor with as much ease as you can. Once you have a birth plan created, it’s a great part of the process to sit down together and go through each step together. Consider carefully what your partner thinks, and more importantly, what he would like his role to be. Also discuss what you would like his role to be and talk about it with each other. The key is communication; if you keep those lines open, not only with your partner, but also with your healthcare professionals and those taking care of you while you are giving birth, things will have the best possible chance of proceeding smoothly.
One important thing for partners to remember during the labor process is that the process of labor can be extraordinarily intense, both physically and emotionally and therefore, a woman giving birth can often say things and behave in an atypical manner. Remember, she is performing the hardest work she’ll ever have to do and it can be physically as well as emotionally painful. Remember to take the things that she is saying with a grain of salt, and focus on what’s important; guiding her through this process and soon holding your brand new son or daughter. In the end, it is certainly worth it to see your little one open his or her eyes for the first time to the sights and sounds of the new world outside the womb.


3 thoughts on “Getting Involved Together in the Labor Process

  1. The first thing to work out is how involved you want your partner to be and how involved they want to be. This may take a happy medium to be achieved but it is possible.

  2. This is really helpful! My husband and I have been a bit concerned about the labor process and how he can best support me. This is one of the reasons we wavered on the decision to get a Doula. We ultimately decided to hire one and are very excited to be working with her!

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