How to Cope with Bedrest

So you have just come from your obstetrician’s office, with the “wonderful”  news of being confined to bed rest. What to do now? This can certainly be a rather difficult situation to be in. We all know too well that life doesn’t stop, but rather keeps going and going. How is this going to pan out? What are you going to do?


Take A Breather
If there is one thing that you need to do more then anything right now, it is to focus on yourself. You need to keep yourself healthy for both you and your child’s sake. It is important to make sure that you set aside some time to just relax, whether that involves listening to soothing music, lighting candles, catching up on your sleep, having your partner rub your feet… It can be anything at all, but just make sure that you do something for yourself.

Devise New Ways To Get Things Done
When you are prescribed bed rest by your doctor, the first question that you should ask is exactly what activities are allowed and which are not. By doing so, you are able to figure out exactly how you can manage the things that absolutely need to get done. You may need to ask for help, and that is perfectly okay. There is no shame in needing some help.
You’re likely worried about your job, and understandably so. If you have to be on bed rest, then the best thing is to speak with your supervisor first thing, so that you two can work something out. If it is possible for you to telecommute, then that would be beneficial to the both of you. However, if it is not possible for you to telecommute, then the other options include short term disability, or maternity leave. It is important to look at these options and figure out which one is best for you and your situation.
Grab That Laptop!
When you’re on bed rest, you may feel like you’re disconnected from the world because you can’t physically go out and do the things that you want to do. However, there is a whole new world on the internet for you to explore. There are so many pregnancy and parenting communities out there for you to familiarize yourself with. In addition to learning about parenthood, you’ll also be forging bonds with other moms and making new friends. You’ll also be able to shop for all those super cool baby products from the comfort of your home!
There is no doubt that being stuck on bed rest can be a frustrating experience. But it doesn’t have to be a totally bad experience. With a little positivity and ingenuity, you can make the best of your current situation!


2 thoughts on “How to Cope with Bedrest

  1. In my breast feeding experience with my children your breast will naturally let you know when your baby is hungry your breast will tingle when it’s time to feed again

  2. I have been on bedrest for almost a month now and let me tell you it has been incredibly difficult! It really helps to have a support system – and good blogs to read! : )

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